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It begins with one small change

Good health doesn’t happen overnight. It is a culmination of tiny choices you make everyday — whether it’s starting your day with a good breakfast, or snacking on fruits instead of chocolate.

For over 20 years, our founders worked with nutritionists and medical practitioners in Japan, Australia, and Malaysia to crack the formula to long-term health. They finally found the solution in 100% natural, vegan-friendly, and healthy whole foods.

Each of our products are designed to complement and enhance your diet, using food science to sustainably solve health issues at its root instead of seeking short term solutions.


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What makes us different

Since 1999, OSN has been the only company in Malaysia to produce 100% natural whole foods. Our signature range is made with the purest plant-based ingredients, harvested with the natural cycle of nature in mind.

We work in tandem with Mother Nature — allowing us to preserve our ingredients at their highest nutritional value without using any preservatives, additives, or artificial flavorings.

Whole foods refer to foods that have not had any of its natural properties removed from it. They don’t contain any preservatives, additives, or other artificial substances.

Your brain and gut are constantly communicating and influencing each other. A healthy gut impacts everything from better nutrient absorption to boosting overall mood.

The human body requires constant balance between good and bad bacteria to achieve good health. Probiotics help maintain this balance and boost immune levels, preventing pathogens from developing into major diseases.

Yes, our youngest customer was ten days old when she first started consuming Active Guard! For parents, we recommend biting the soft gel and squeezing out the paste for your child.

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