Optimal Wellness Begins With Your Gut
Active Guard is your first choice in all natural, plant-based probiotics that will suit any lifestyle. It is a high-quality, 3-year fermented probiotic that promotes good health and longevity and is perfectly safe for you and the whole family.
Customer Reviews
Kai Wen Chong

I've been consuming OSN Activia for a month plus now and I'm really really loving it! The most obvious results that I can see is that it has solved my constipation problem- my bowel movement has been really smooth nowadays. Plus, it also helps me to have better sleep and have more energy to carry out daily activities! I don't feel sleepy anymore in the day time when I'm working or even after lunch time! Trust me, it is a MUST-TRY product! 

5 August 2020
Esther Fan

have definitely been sleeping better, feel more well rested. Less grumpy in the morning. I don’t usually take breakfast which I know it’s not that good skip them. So, I opted to have the micro milled chia for a change, cause it’s very convenient. It also keeps my tummy filled in the morning. Also I started to pick up my pace again for my exercising routine, usually the day after working out I would feel lethargic and wouldn’t want to move an inch.  so I took them again sometimes pre-workout, and sometimes post-workout. Really helps me keep the energy going, could still go to gym consecutively without having to take a rest day.

30 July 2020
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