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Optimal Wellness Begins With Your Gut
Active Guard is your first choice in all-natural, fermented plant-based probiotics. Secure good health and longevity for you and the whole family today.
Customer Reviews
Hazel Lee

Completely solved my constipation problem! 

I have been taking both OSN Activia and Active Greens for 4 months now. Completely solved my constipation problem ever since I started drinking Active Greens with a teaspoon of honey every morning and Activia during tea time. It’s definitely not an immediate effect, it takes around 3-4 weeks to see the results. Don’t worry if you hate the taste of vegetables, Active Greens taste just like matcha!

14 November 2020
Valerie Sim

Better skin and more energised
Organic, natural and whole foods. I have been taking OSN Activia for a couple of months now and my bowel movement has improved tremendously. My skin has cleared up and I feel more energised. Will definitely continue to purchase! Btw, their green whole food powder works wonders too. 

17 September 2020
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