#OSNCares How to make OSN Activia part of your day

Whether you’re stuck in front of a screen or just finished a workout, OSN Activia is an ideal drink companion. Here are some of the ways it can help you throughout the day: 

  • Have it for breakfast: Boosts your endurance, giving you enough stamina to last until nightfall. (Especially good for athletes!)

  • While you’re on the go: Only takes 2-3 minutes to gel-up, which is 17 mins faster than raw chia seeds. 
  • After a workout session: Omega-3 fatty acids reduce any inflammation while muscles recover quicker. 

  • Before lunch or dinner: Besides functioning as a meal replacement, drinking it an hour before your meal helps you eat less carbs. 
  • During that “time of the month”: After drinking for at least 28 days, you’ll notice significantly less aches and cramps before and after menstruation. 

Which time of day will you be trying out? Let us know!